Kemcool – Your Leading Stove & Oven Repair Specialists in Johannesburg

There are two common kinds of modern ovens – gas and electric. You’d be hard-pressed to find a home that doesn’t have one. For many of us, they are used quite regularly and, as with anything that’s used often, they can malfunction. That’s where Kemcool Appliance Service stove and oven repairs come to play. With over twenty-five years of industry experience at our backs, we provide comprehensive servicing and Blanco, Westinghouse and Chef oven repairs.

What do we offer?

  • Oven repairs: Complete repair and service on all brands of electric and gas ovens.
  • Stove/Cooktop repairs: We repair and service all brands of gas and electric cooktops and stoves.

Why choose us?

Why do customers choose Kemcool Appliance Repair Service? We have the knowledge and experience to promptly and efficiently return your oven and stove to full working order. We know faulty appliances cause headaches and disruptions to your household routine so we strive to have you up and running as fast as possible. We’re dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction.

General maintenance tips to help avoid oven repairs:

  • Many modern ovens have built-in cleaning procedures such as an oven chamber coated with a catalytic surface that helps break down food splatters and spills that can build up over time. Self-cleaning ovens use a form of pyrolytic decomposition – extreme heat that eats away dirt.
  • Ensure that you clean food spills and built-up grease as soon as possible to improve performance and avoid costly oven and stove repairs.

Call us today on 073 822 1553 for all of your Blanco, Westinghouse and Chef oven and stove repairs.

Hire the Best Tumble Dryers Repairs Service Company

In getting the best repair service company, you do not have to spend a lot. Kemcool Tumble Dryers Repairs Appliance Service provides top-notch dryer repair services at competitive prices.

Contact Us for more information and details. We offer the best services in South Africa. Rest assured, you are guaranteed long term results and a professional service each and every time

Quickly get quotes & hire a our trusted oven repairer who is available today

If you own an electric oven and or stove top and need serving or maintenance, we can replace your elements, oven hinges and other oven controls so contact us today, we have a large amount of stock to fit any oven part needed.

Free standing oven cooktop
Tell us about your job


Based in Johannesburg our service team of electricians are always available to service and repair your Oven. Tell us a little about your oven problem, Where’s the job located? What type of Oven Model it is? And when you need you job booked.

Do you know what oven part you need repaired is your oven not heating, oven door not closing or is your oven over baking.We also can supply oven seal repairs, oven lights that are not working or grill element replacement, Kemcool Stove & Oven Repair Specialists are the service company in Johannesburg people trust and use, servicing the west for over 20 years with providing trusted repairs and maintenance.

Oven Brands

There are many oven brands available today, different oven brand with different oven parts, so here are some oven brands we service and repair but not limited to, these include, GE Oven repairs, Chef, Blanco, Westinghouse, Simpson Oven Repairs, Technika oven repairs, Bosch repairs, Fisher & Paykel Repairs, Smeg oven repair, Electrolux repairs.

We Can Offer You

  • Expert Service Technicians
  • Reliable and Insured
  • Professional & Friendly Service
  • Upfront Price Estimate – no surprises
  • 6 Month part warranty, 3 Month labour warranty
  • Same Day Service Available
  • R150 Discount to Pensioners and Online Bookings